Our Technology

We developed a communication module (WTGH 1800), which is integrated in the streetlamp and provides various opportunities:
WIFI frequency band 2,4/5,0 GHz, 169/868/869 MHz, works as a hotspot as well as a mesh network for comprehensive internet coverage in streets, public areas, buildings, stores and vehicles.

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opened shade with the technology of energydada 4.0


Switching to the new energiedata 4.0 technology can pay off quickly for cities and municipalities as they do not only save energy costs. By renting the access points to providers, additional sources of revenue can be generated.

Comprehensive solutions for LED lights with WLAN function

You plan the conversion of your lights to LED technology and need professional support?

Then you´ve come to the right place.


You can use our expertise for the conversion to cost-efficient and ecological LED-lights. We assist you in defining an adequate lightning concept, develop the lightning plan for your municipality and advise you with regards to customized exploitation models.



 We assist you in the planning and implementation, from the start to the acquisition of the lightning System.



You can rely on our expertise with regards to the adequate position and number of access points for the establishment of an optimum WLAN Network.



Be inspired by some of our projects

If you have any questions regarding the implementation and technical details of the lights presented in our references please don´t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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