City System 4.0 from energiedata as a bridging technology towards the construction of optical fibre networks

energiedata 4.0 developed a solution carrying the data flow unabated to the end consumer.

Illustration of Streetlights in the towncenter - ``last mile`` in broadband

Due to financial considerations the backbone (fibre optics) is often laid not further than the city centre.

The city itself is responsible for the transmission to the house connection.

To bridge the last mile with slow copper cables means that the high-speed won´t reach the end user.

This is achieved by a high-performance WLAN network, which is stretched through access points in street lights over the entire urban area.

For cities and communities

1. Use in public areas: public WLAN for the city centre/village centre/for holiday destinations

2. Use in buildings: extensive supply of buildings with broadband WLAN via street lamps

3. Smart City applications: Provided soft- and hardware with open access offers additional benefits such as traffic and parking guidance systems, local landing pages, events & city news, city marketing, advertisements for SMEs, tourism (ciy guides, augmented reality, geo tracking, motion profiles)

Advantages for cities and communities

Broadband supply

  • enhancing attractiveness of inner-city locations via public WLAN
  • supply of citizens with broadband WLAN in places without extensive fiber optic connections (bridging technology)


  • Additional source of income through leasing access points to providers
  • reducing energy costs by conversion to LED lighting


  • Installation of highly efficient and long-lasting LED lighting technology into street lighting

example Hörnum

For citizens and users

  1. Public WLAN
  2. Supplying buildings with broadband WLAN in areas, which are not provided with fibre optics yet.

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